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5 Mountain Bike Activities To Do At Home During A Coronavirus Lockdown

So you're stuck in a lockdown due to Coronavirus, Covid-19, what do you do that's still MTB related, that won't put you at risk?
5 Mountain Bike Activities To Do At Home During A Coronavirus Lockdown

It's happening all over the world, governments are deciding that people have to stay at home to stem the spread of Covid-19, and even where this isn't happening, anyone showing symptoms of the Coronavirus is being told to self-isolate.

But if you're an avid mountain biker the idea of sitting at home and not riding might be too much to handle. Luckily there are plenty of activities you can do from the safety and comfort of your home that will ensure your next ride will be even more satisfying.

1. Clean and maintain your bike

Be honest, when was the last time you really gave your bike a good clean and inspection? When was the last time you checked your brake pads? changed cables? and changed brake oil? Do you know how much sealant is left in your tyres?

Ok, so this is probably the best time you're going to get at giving your bike a really thorough inspection, and while you're at it give it a good clean too.

2. Watch MTB videos

There was a time before the internet that getting hold of fresh mountain bike content was next to impossible, thankfully those days are way behind us and we have new mountain bike videos to watch at our fingertips.

We recommend watching videos featuring the Dorval AM Team. They're rad and they have great taste in clothing too.

3. Zwift

If simply watching mountain bike videos isn't enough to keep the MTB bug at bay then why not fire up Zwift. Sure, you will need a smart trainer, and a device for the app to run on but it's the closest you will be able to get to riding without going outside.

Just remember to wear cycling clothing this is fast drying and cool for your indoor sessions.

4. Keep fit

Even without an expensive smart trainer, you can keep in shape while in lockdown. There are plenty of apps, YouTube videos and simple home exercise plans to follow that can help to keep you in shape so when you finally do get outside you'll feel great.

5. Update your wardrobe

How much of your mountain bike riding gear still fits you? How much needs replacing? This is a great time to choose some new riding kit, but why not go that extra mile and design custom mountain bike clothing?

Using Únic's online clothing editor you will be able to design your own custom mountain bike clothing from the comfort of your own home. Using our up to date online information, you can be sure to choose the correct fit, and the right material to suit your preference and riding style.

And because all of Únic's clothing is made in the EU you can have your new custom mountain bike clothing before you know it.

So don't just still at home doing nothing, get active, sort your bike and design yourself Únic custom mountain bike clothing.

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